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  • L9S 4W5

    Location: 1125 Booth Ave Innisfil ON L9S 4W5

  • L0R 2C0

    Location: 3488 Frederick Ave Vineland ON L0R 2C0

  • R2J 3L5

    Location: 173 Park Grove Dr Winnipeg MB R2J 3L5

  • S7M 2Y9

    Location: 209 Avenue R S Saskatoon SK S7M 2Y9

  • V5B 2W7

    Location: 6465 Dawson St , Burnaby, BC, V5B 2W7

  • R0K 0B0

    Location: 311 Second St S Baldur MB R0K 0B0

  • L1K 0H3

    Location: 1616 Docking Crt Oshawa ON L1K 0H3

  • V0B 1G5

    Location: 2402 Birch St , Creston, BC, V0B 1G5

  • V5H 2L9

    Location: 206-5560 Inman Ave , Burnaby, BC, V5H 2L9

  • K4P 1E3

    Location: 6680 Parkway Rd Greely ON K4P 1E3

  • V7A 4R1

    Location: 10240 Ryan Rd 204 Richmond BC V7A 4R1

  • T0A

    Location: 11310 Twp 595 Rd , Ashmont, AB, T0A

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About Random Canada Postcode Generator

This tool can generate a random Canadian postal code. Each country has its own postcode system. Most countries’ postcodes are composed of 4-6 digits. The Canadian postal code is a six-character string in the format of A1A 1A1. The part before the space is forward sortation area which is a geographical region, the part after the space is Local delivery units, An LDU means a specific single address or range of addresses. Statistics Canada currently estimates that there are more than 830,000 valid postal codes (including those that are rarely used).

We have collected more than 120,000 valid Canadian postal codes that are frequently used. As you can see, each Canadian postal code lists the address where it is located. This tool can help you learn Canadian postal codes very well. As an address tool, you can get some addresses containing zip codes at random.

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