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  • Merguez


  • Poulet Farnèse

    Poulet Farnèse

  • Bacon


  • Lassi


  • Matzo Ball Soup

    Matzo Ball Soup

  • Jerusalem Mixed Grill

    Jerusalem Mixed Grill

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About Random Foods Generator

The average person eats about 35 tons of food in a lifetime, and the average person eats nearly 1,500 pounds of food every year. The quantity of this food is divided into 150 pounds of meat, 290 pounds of milk and cream, 35 pounds of eggs, 48 pounds of chicken, 68 pounds of bread, 125 pounds of potatoes and 80 pounds of fruit. In the United States, the average family consumes nearly 6000 pounds of food each year.

Most people will often eat dozens to hundreds of foods throughout their lives. If you count the snacks we often eat, or if you are a traveler who likes food from all over the world, the food you have eaten may reach thousands. Even tens of thousands.

We have collected 1000 kinds of foods that humans often eat, including fruits, vegetables, meat, snacks, etc. This random food generator generates 6 kinds of foods each time. This tool can help you understand the foods that humans often eat, or when you This tool can help you make choices when you don’t know what to eat. - source.

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