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Card type
  • BIN40404329
    Card number example4040432971915565
    Brand nameVisaDebitCountryUnited States
    LengthN/AIssuing bankBokf, N.A.
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number(918) 588-6010 OR (405) 272-2548 OR (800) 234-6181
  • BIN51929576
    Card number example5192957617768708
    Brand nameMastercardCreditCountryNicaragua
    LengthN/AIssuing bankBanco Citibank De Nicaragua, S.A
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number2255-8000
  • BIN45197409
    Card number example4519740946547871
    Brand nameVisaCreditCountryUnited States
    LengthN/AIssuing bankCard Services For Credit Unions, Inc.
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number(727) 536-6800 OR 888-930-2728
  • BIN52061380
    Card number example5206138006086648
    Brand nameMastercardCountryMexico
    LengthN/AIssuing bankBanco Nacional De Mexico, S.A.
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number52 5 709 0920
  • BIN41445069
    Card number example4144506974539145
    Brand nameVisaCreditCountryUnited States
    LengthN/AIssuing bankBank Of America
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number(314) 466-6117
  • BIN45649105
    Card number example4564910591779756
    Brand nameVisaCreditCountryNew Zealand
    Length16Issuing bankAsb Bank
    Issuing CityN/ABank websiteN/A
    Phone number0800803804
  • BIN52039844
    Card number example5203984440819547
    Brand nameMastercardCreditCountryLebanon
    LengthN/AIssuing bankBank Audi- Audi Saradar Group
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number(01) 332130 OR 332129 OR 215492-3 OR 204825-6-7
  • BIN40637221
    Card number example4063722124891230
    Brand nameVisaDebitCountryRussia
    Length16Issuing bankAbsolut Bank
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number+7 495 995 10 01
  • BIN45257406
    Card number example4525740678260778
    Brand nameVisaCreditCountryGermany
    LengthN/AIssuing bankVolksbank Freiburg Eg
    Issuing CityN/ABank
    Phone number49 761 21821111
  • BIN40228324
    Card number example4022832494781216
    Brand nameVisaDebitCountryUnited States
    Length16Issuing bankWoronoco Savings Bank
    Issuing CityN/ABank websiteN/A
    Phone number(413) 568-9141

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About BIN Generator

The BIN (short for bank identification number) consists of the first six digits of a credit card number. It indicates the bank that has issued the card. It is also commonly referred to as the “issuer identification number” (IIN), since banks aren’t the only institutions that issue credit cards. These identify the card issuing institution that issued the card to the card holder. The rest of the number is allocated by the card issuer. The card number's length is its number of digits. Many card issuers print the entire IIN and account number on their card. Through the BIN number, I can know this credit card (maybe gift cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and electronic benefit cards.)

We have a very powerful database that collects countless details of BIN numbers, including the BIN codes of various banks in all countries of the world. You can use the generator above to select the country and the type of card. For convenience, the card The types only list credit and debit cards.