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  • The story is about a nun who is obsessed with a investor. It starts in a port city. The issues of cybernetics and its effects on society is a major element of the story.

  • This is a quest story. The story is about a xenolinguist. It starts in a town in Europe. The story begins with a reconciliation, climaxes with the discovery of a long-lost friend, and ends with someone discovering a report about themselves. A terrible monster and the need to stop it is a major element of the story.

  • The story is about a magician. It starts in a large city on a prairie planet. A spell being cast at the right time plays an important role.

  • This is an escape-from-prison story. The story is about an outlaw. It takes place in a port city in Monaco. The story begins with someone pretending to be someone else, climaxes with a flashback, and ends with the revealing of an impostor.

  • This is a comedy/drama with an emphasis on transformation. The story is about xenobotanists. It starts in a dimensional warp. The role of religion in the modern world plays a major part in the story.

  • The story is about a boatman from a bad family. It takes place on our world after a disaster brought about the return of magic. The story begins with someone getting a new hairstyle, climaxes with a dream, and ends with someone applying for a job.

  • This is a psychology piece. The story is about a performance artist, a seasoned manager, and an unconfident pharmacist who is constantly opposing a gigolo. It takes place in a small nation in a galaxy-spanning syndicate. The critical element of the story is a keepsake.

  • The story is about a clumsy car salesman searching for truth. It takes place in a construction site. The crux of the story involves a performance. The will of the gods is a major part of the story.

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About Short Story Generator

Random story generator, this generator can generate some interesting random short stories, these can not be called complete stories, because they are usually some story plots and story summary, if you are a writer, or a person who likes to write, Do you sometimes not know how to continue writing? We have collected more than 250,000 short stories, and you only need to refresh to get new stories.

You can generate a specified number of short stories. This generator generates 7 random short stories by default. You can generate a number to generate up to 50 stories at a time. These stories come in a variety of styles, science fiction, action, love, animals, etc. We believe this will definitely bring some inspiration to your writing. Click on the short story text and the story will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.