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  • Just when everything was going fine, the main character loses what's dearest to them when a long lost friend returns, asking them for a favour that will eventually ruin someone else's life.Driven by fear, the main character, with an experienced mentor, struggles to figure out what is right or wrong.In the end, after discovering a personal strength they never knew they had, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new understanding.

  • Regretting decisions made in the past, the main character's life suddenly changes when they learn that a great war is looming on the horizon, started by a dark power; it results in the kingdom being captured by an enemy force.

  • Living safely within the borders of the kingdom, the main character's life suddenly changes when a dark force spreads across the land; it casts doubt on their current situation.Unknowingly, the main character, after surviving a failed of assassination attempt, struggles to separate the truth from the lies.In the end, after standing up to a powerful figure, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new love interest.

  • Socially awkward, and unlucky with the opposite sex, the main character, after discovering a world of lies and betrayal, when they are involved in a case of mistaken identity.Considering the growing feelings to be just silly crush, the main character wonders if it was all a game when a seemingly better suitor shows up and results in rumours being spread among the other characters.

  • A dejected geek loses his sanity in Russia.

  • Your main character is a man in his late forties, who is very aggressive. The story begins in a registry office. Someone thought dead is discovered alive. It's a story about memories. Your character bites off more than s/he can chew.

  • Living a peaceful, 'regular' life, the main character forms a new relationship when by chance, they witness a secret exchange that could lead in a murder being prevented.Driven by hatred, the main character, unsure of what it all means, causes several other people to get involved.In the end, after a shocking revelation, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new opportunity.

  • A single mother finds love in Australia.

  • Your main character is a woman in her late thirties, who can be quite rude. The story begins in a hovel. Someone receives a marriage proposal. It's a story about the supernatural. Your character attempts to keep a low profile.

  • Your main character is a man in his late forties, who can be quite dishonest. The story begins in a desert. Someone is being impersonated. It's a story about escape. Your character upsets a lot of people.

  • Having enjoyed a peaceful life up until now, the main character has no choice but to act when they are wrongly accused of the murder of a royal; it casts doubt on their current situation.

  • An abused teenager buys a toy while visiting relatives.

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