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  • Story plot 1

    Stuck enduring the daily grind, the main character's loyalty is tested when the growing rebellion against the monarchy springs into action; it requires them to re-evaluate their current lifestyle.Tentatively, the main character, with an unlikely ally, manages to disguise themselves successfully and evade suspicion.In the end, after being responsible for the death of the antagonist, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new friend.

  • Story plot 2

    Unappreciated and unskilled, the main character must brave a treacherous mountain region when they learn of the dragon that steadily grows in power and threatens their land; it casts doubt on their current situation.

  • Story plot 3

    A sheriff is trapped by a hurricane in New York.

  • Story plot 4

    Normally spending time with their friends instead, the main character finds themselves in an awkward situation when an irresistible love interest becomes apparent.

  • Story plot 5

    A girl who disguised herself as a boy loses her faith in Limbo.

  • Story plot 6

    Your main character is a woman in her sixties, who is very sensitive. The story begins on a cliff. Someone is arrested. It's a story about a journey. Your character sees something s/he wasn't meant to see.

  • Story plot 7

    An unsuccessful artist meets, loses, and reunites with her true love in a life raft.

  • Story plot 8

    Having heard the warnings but shaken them off, the main character discovers that the fate of the land rests on their shoulders when they discover that their nation is destined be destroyed by a great force that seeks to exact their revenge on those who stood in their way.

  • Story plot 9

    Two nuns are on a mission from God in outer space.

  • Story plot 10

    Your main character is a woman in her early twenties, who is very foolish. The story begins in a courtroom. Someone is being blackmailed. It's a story about justice. Your character approaches the situation extremely carefully.

  • Story plot 11

    Your main character is a woman in her eighties, who can be quite forceful. The story begins in an art gallery. An elderly person is burgled. It's a story about love. Your character gets into a competition with another character.

  • Story plot 12

    An ex-con betrays a friend in Las Vegas.

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