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  • A police informant is mistaken for someone else in Siberia.

  • At the top of their game, the main character attempts to turn their life around when, in the wrong place at the wrong time, they end up in a situation that will eventually lead to them being arrested.Refusing to back down, the main character, unsure of what it all means, desperately searches for a missing item.In the end, after the development of a surprising relationship, the main character is forced to go on the run after committing numerous crimes, and vows to get justice.

  • Just when everything was going fine, things don't go according to plan for the main character when they are involved in a case of mistaken identity that results in a woman being kidnapped.Driven by fear, the main character, with a rival, comes up with a cunning plan to find out the truth.In the end, after witnessing the death of the antagonist, the main character successfully resolves the situation and is able to repair broken relationships.

  • A mystic survives a plane crash on the Titanic.

  • A child tries to one-up her friends in Los Angeles.

  • A career man/woman with no time for love, the main character suddenly finds that their heart won't settle when a persistent person begins an endless campaign to pursue them, which results in another character to becoming secretly jealous.

  • A child who cannot die battles zombies at The White House.

  • Lonely and looking for love, the main character's heart tries to lead the way when an irresistible love interest becomes apparent, causing the main character to become involved with someone else's partner.

  • Bored with the monotony of everyday life, the main character forms a rivalry when they discover an old photograph that could cost them their life.

  • A lonely girl is mistaken for someone else on the way to the theater.

  • Just a few days from retirement, the main character's life suddenly changes when they realise a loved one is involved in criminal activities that could cost them their job.Up for a challenge, the main character, without thinking ahead, vows to get revenge.

  • An Air Force captain searches for her lost brother in New York.

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