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  • Story idea 1

    An inventor tries to find peace at the aquarium.

  • Story idea 2

    A mummy gets snowed in underground.

  • Story idea 3

    Stuck enduring the daily grind, the main character loses what's dearest to them when a stranger enters their life with an intriguing proposal that could lead in a murder being committed.After pretending that nothing is wrong, the main character, after countless hours of training, comes up with a cunning plan to find out the truth.

  • Story idea 4

    Your main character is a man in his late thirties, who can be quite charming. The story begins on a social housing estate. Someone is leaving prison after 20 years. It's a story about freedom. Your character is tested to the limits of physical endurance.

  • Story idea 5

    Your main character is a woman in her eighties, who is very stubborn. The story begins in a prison. A family celebrates a homecoming. It's a story about love. Your character is not afraid to get involved.

  • Story idea 6

    Your main character is a young woman in her late teens, who is very stubborn. The story begins on a cruise liner. A robbery goes badly wrong. It's a story about freedom. Your character offers to lend a helping hand.

  • Story idea 7

    An unsuspecting regular Joe, the main character forms a rivalry when a long lost love returns, asking them for help that could result in a lot of money being lost.Secretly, the main character, with a rival, becomes involved in the situation to resolve it from the inside.

  • Story idea 8

    A slave girl finds love during hurricane Katrina.

  • Story idea 9

    Your main character is a man in his early thirties, who is very aggressive. The story begins in a stately home. A house fire and a burglary seem unconnected. It's a story about family ties. Your character investigates with the help of a good friend.

  • Story idea 10

    Living life on the edge, the main character is suddenly forced to leave their home and family when by chance, they witness a secret exchange that results in them working for a large, international organisation.

  • Story idea 11

    Living a life of poverty, the main character is suddenly thrust into a living nightmare when they are presented with a position of power that results in a woman being kidnapped.

  • Story idea 12

    Regretting decisions made in the past, the main character suddenly finds that their heart won't settle when they are involved in a case of mistaken identity.Their relationship strengthens as they spend more time together but, the main character the character is forced to cast their feelings aside when a mutual friend gets involved and suggests the main character and love interest should split up.Refusing to back down, the main character starts a campaign to win the heart of the love interest and in the end, after the sudden appearance of the main character's old flame, the main character and love interest all deeply in love, maintaining a strong relationship together.

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