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  • Postal code 1


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Panyabungan

    Region 2/County: Mandailing Natal

    State/Province/Region: North Sumatra

  • Postal code 2


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Ciumbuleuit

    Region 2/County: Bandung

    State/Province/Region: West Java

  • Postal code 3


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Purbolinggo Utara

    Region 2/County: North Kayong

    State/Province/Region: West Kalimantan

  • Postal code 4


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Ilir Barat I

    Region 2/County: Palembang

    State/Province/Region: South Sumatra

  • Postal code 5


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Samarinda Ilir

    Region 2/County: Samarinda

    State/Province/Region: East Kalimantan

  • Postal code 6


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Cipayung

    Region 2/County: Tangerang Selatan

    State/Province/Region: Banten

  • Postal code 7


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Jatibarang

    Region 2/County: Brebes

    State/Province/Region: Central Java

  • Postal code 8


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Lahendong

    Region 2/County: Tomohon

    State/Province/Region: North Sulawesi

  • Postal code 9


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Pakuniran

    Region 2/County: Probolinggo

    State/Province/Region: East Java

  • Postal code 10


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Pantai Cermin

    Region 2/County: Solok

    State/Province/Region: West Sumatra

  • Postal code 11


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Pulasaren

    Region 2/County: Cirebon

    State/Province/Region: West Java

  • Postal code 12


    Country: Indonesia

    City: Bua Ponrang

    Region 2/County: Luwu

    State/Province/Region: South Sulawesi

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