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  • Postal code 1


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Lodasa

    Region 3: Ileoluji,Region 2/County: Ile-Oluji-Okeigbo

    State/Province/Region: Ondo

  • Postal code 2


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Mele

    Region 3: Oloru,Region 2/County: Moro

    State/Province/Region: Kwara

  • Postal code 3


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Jalili

    Region 3: Atonkon,Region 2/County: Ador

    State/Province/Region: Benue

  • Postal code 4


    Country: Nigeria

    City: G-Makera

    Region 3: Doguwa,Region 2/County: Doguwa

    State/Province/Region: Kano

  • Postal code 5


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Lojah-Fulani

    Region 3: Cham-mwona,Region 2/County: Balanga

    State/Province/Region: Gombe

  • Postal code 6


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Tsauni Majindadi

    Region 3: Gunkok,Region 2/County: Sanga

    State/Province/Region: Kaduna

  • Postal code 7


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Sii

    Region 3: Bori,Region 2/County: Khana

    State/Province/Region: Rivers

  • Postal code 8


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Jigilawa

    Region 3: Tsanyawa,Region 2/County: Tsanyawa

    State/Province/Region: Kano

  • Postal code 9


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Ilorin

    Region 3: Ilorin,Region 2/County: Ilorin

    State/Province/Region: Kwara

  • Postal code 10


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Ndiokoroguodu

    Region 3: Ozui-Tem,Region 2/County: Bende

    State/Province/Region: Abia

  • Postal code 11


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Omuwonini

    Region 3: Ikwerre,Region 2/County: Ikwerre

    State/Province/Region: Rivers

  • Postal code 12


    Country: Nigeria

    City: Chakaruku

    Region 3: Koton Karifi,Region 2/County: Kogi

    State/Province/Region: Kogi

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