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  • Postal code 1


    Country: Korean

    City: Imun 2(i)-dong/이문2동

    Region 2/County: Dongdaemun-gu/동대문구

    State/Province/Region: Seoul/서울

  • Postal code 2


    Country: Korean

    City: Yul-myeon/율면

    Region 2/County: Icheon-si/이천시

    State/Province/Region: Gyeonggi-do/경기

  • Postal code 3


    Country: Korean

    City: Guui 3(sam)-dong/구의3동

    Region 2/County: Gwangjin-gu/광진구

    State/Province/Region: Seoul/서울

  • Postal code 4


    Country: Korean

    City: Dongdaesindong 3(sam)-ga/동대신동3가

    Region 2/County: Seo-gu/서구

    State/Province/Region: Busan/부산

  • Postal code 5


    Country: Korean

    City: Daesan-myeon/대산면

    Region 2/County: Haman-gun/함안군

    State/Province/Region: Gyeongsangnam-do/경남

  • Postal code 6


    Country: Korean

    City: Banghwa 1(il)-dong/방화1동

    Region 2/County: Gangseo-gu/강서구

    State/Province/Region: Seoul/서울

  • Postal code 7


    Country: Korean

    City: Yongji-myeon/용지면

    Region 2/County: Gimje-si/김제시

    State/Province/Region: Jeollabuk-do/전북

  • Postal code 8


    Country: Korean

    City: Bangbae 2(i)-dong/방배2동

    Region 2/County: Seocho-gu/서초구

    State/Province/Region: Seoul/서울

  • Postal code 9


    Country: Korean

    City: Beomeo 2(i)-dong/범어2동

    Region 2/County: Suseong-gu/수성구

    State/Province/Region: Daegu/대구

  • Postal code 10


    Country: Korean

    City: Moga-myeon/모가면

    Region 2/County: Icheon-si/이천시

    State/Province/Region: Gyeonggi-do/경기

  • Postal code 11


    Country: Korean

    City: Gogeum-myeon/고금면

    Region 2/County: Wando-gun/완도군

    State/Province/Region: Jeollanam-do/전남

  • Postal code 12


    Country: Korean

    City: Heunghae-eup/흥해읍

    Region 2/County: Buk-gu Pohang-si/포항시 북구

    State/Province/Region: Gyeongsangbuk-do/경북

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