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  • A deranged pharmacist adopts a baby in an abandoned school.

  • Your main character is a young man in his late teens, who can be quite judgemental. The story begins in a marina. Someone has a stalker. It's a story about risk-taking. Your character is tested to the limits of physical endurance.

  • A career man/woman with no time for love, the main character suddenly finds that their heart won't settle when an attempt at romance goes horribly wrong, causing an unlikely relationship to blossom.

  • A simple peasant with little knowledge of the world, the main character is tasked with obtaining an important item when their homeland is being subjected to a devastating attack by an enemy nation; it threatens their current situation.

  • Your main character is a woman in her sixties, who is very daring. The story begins in a nursing home. Someone is accused of theft. It's a story about family ties. Your character bites off more than s/he can chew.

  • A psychic detective misses an opportunity of a lifetime in an asylum.

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