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  • Regretting decisions made in the past, the main character's life is turned upside down when a long lost friend returns, asking them for a favour.

  • On just another average day, the main character's loyalty is tested when they realise a loved one is involved in criminal activities that could cost them their freedom.Tentatively, the main character, with the help of their mentor desperately searches for a missing item.

  • Just when things were starting to look great, the main character loses what's dearest to them when they are presented with a position of power that could cost them their job.Determined to set things right, the main character, beginning to accept their destiny, becomes involved in the situation to resolve it from the inside.

  • A bull rider and a cowboy go on a three hour tour while watching a play.

  • A security guard survives a plane crash in Egypt.

  • A mystic gets lost during a government shutdown.

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This writing prompt generator can generate countless amazing writing prompts. We have collected more than 400,000 writing prompts. These prompts have been transformed to help you get inspiration by randomly adding some plots, places and features. Using this writing prompts generator is very simple, you can generate it randomly, or you can type the words you want to include. Click on the prompt text and the prompt will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.

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