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  • [Beverages fact 1] In 1777, during a shortage of coffee and sugar in Boston, a crowd of over 100 angry women marched to a wealthy merchant’s warehouse, demanded the keys, and grabbed him by the neck when he refused. They opened the doors, loaded up carts with coffee, and left.


  • [Beverages fact 2] When you blackout from drinking, it's because of the effects that alcohol has on the hippocampus. You don't forget anything. Your brain doesn't record new memories.


  • [Beverages fact 3] Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who is often portrayed as the epitome of Mexican machismo, never really drank alcohol. He actually was so worried about alcoholism spreading in Mexico, that he banned alcohol from his province of Chihuahua.


  • [Beverages fact 4] Seattle's first openly-gay bar, Shelly's Leg, was founded using settlement money after Shelly, a dancer, lost her leg in a glitter cannon accident at a Bastille Day parade.


  • [Beverages fact 5] In Kentucky, five million gallons of the “angel’s share” from bourbon evaporates every year, which is also covering the state in a black fungus called “Baudoinia” that feeds off the ethanol vapor released by liquor as it ages.


  • [Beverages fact 6] Drunk Driving is legal in many countries, including Indonesia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and many others.


  • [Beverages fact 7] British breweries donated free beer to soldiers during World War 2, but after D-Day, there was no room for it on the ships going across the English Channel. Spitfire mechanics and pilots worked together to modify pylons to carry beer kegs and deliver brews to the troops. Flying high enough chilled it.


  • [Beverages fact 8] Coffee doesn't actually dehydrate you. A 2003 study found that the diuretic effect of caffeine is negligible in people who regularly consume caffeinated drinks.


  • [Beverages fact 9] Due to alcohol's faster evaporation rate, the famous Drinking Bird Toy will eagerly drink whiskey twice as fast as water.


  • [Beverages fact 10] Starbucks opened in Seattle in 1971. In 2010, it boasted revenues of $10.7 billion and 16,850 stores in 40 countries, making it the world’s top coffee retailer. Starbucks offers over 87,000 possible drink combinations.


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