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  • [Beverages fact 1] Due to alcohol's faster evaporation rate, the famous Drinking Bird Toy will eagerly drink whiskey twice as fast as water.


  • [Beverages fact 2] Coca-Cola has a medical application. It is sometimes used for the treatment of gastric phytobezoars (trapped mass in the gastrointestinal system). In about 50% of studied cases, Coca-Cola alone was found to be effective in gastric phytobezoar dissolution.


  • [Beverages fact 3] Soviet government officials made a deal with Pepsi to allow Pepsi into the Soviet Union, being the first foreign product sanctioned for sale in the Soviet Union. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Coca-Cola was favored because Pepsi was associated with the Soviet Union.


  • [Beverages fact 4] Most beers couldn’t withstand the 6 month trip from Great Britain to the British colonies in India, where the climate was too hot to brew. In response, a brewer heavily hopped and aged their beers, making them pale, and able to survive the journey. That’s how IPAs or “Indian Pale Ales” got their name.


  • [Beverages fact 5] The 1945 Food and Nutrition Board Paper’s often quoted statement “humans require roughly 2.5 liters (8 glasses) per day” is only half of the full statement. The other half was “we get most of the fluid we need from food and other beverages.”


  • [Beverages fact 6] Coca-Cola Freestyle machines send data to Coke's headquarters to help inform them whether beverage flavors should be recalled, discontinued, or created.


  • [Beverages fact 7] A legal loophole in the UK allows alcohol to be sold without a license on a train in motion. An unlicensed distillery exploited this by setting up in a disused railway building, obtaining a steam train, and selling gin to customers while they rode it back and forth from the distillery.


  • [Beverages fact 8] Coffee was imported from Arabia to Europe through Venice in the 1600s. While some monks urged Pope Clemente VIII to outlaw the “Muslim” drink, the pope argued that the drink was so good that it would be a “sin” to let only “pagans drink it.” Coffee thus began to spread across Europe.


  • [Beverages fact 9] Coffee "beans" are not actually beans. They are the seeds of coffee cherries, which grow on fruit trees.


  • [Beverages fact 10] Single malt scotch is required to be made completely and bottled in Scotland to be labeled as scotch whiskey.


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