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  • [Disaster fact 1] Thousands of Americans may have died after 9/11 just because they were too afraid to fly. Since 9/11 led travelers to choose driving over flying, Cornell researchers believe that the attacks caused an estimated increase of 242 deaths per month because statistically flying is much safer than driving.


  • [Disaster fact 2] Stephen King got hit by a minivan on June 19, 1999. King had multiple injuries (collapsed right lung, broken hip, and more). King did recover, fortunately, and bought the car, but it got crushed in a junkyard. King was disappointed because he wanted to smash the car.


  • [Disaster fact 3] In 1968, a landslide event at the Vajont Reservoir in Italy created a mega-tsunami which crested its dam, flooding the valley below. The resulting wave destroyed 5 villages and killed 2000 people. In 2008, UNESCO called the tragedy a "cautionary tale" of "the failure of engineers and geologists."


  • [Disaster fact 4] on 9/11, after both towers fell, the cricket-like chirping heard around ground zero each represented the PASS device of a fallen firefighter.


  • [Disaster fact 5] This is a Marten, and it was responsible for over 64 Million Euros worth of car damage in Germany in 2014. It may be cute, but it loves chewing your car’s cables. In Germany, they are called “Marder.”


  • [Disaster fact 6] Roger Boisjoly was an engineer working at NASA in 1986 who predicted that the O-rings on the Challenger would fail and tried to abort the mission but nobody listened to him.


  • [Disaster fact 7] An inflatable Titanic slide was banned in Switzerland following complaints from the Swiss Titanic Club. The fair organizer retorted: “The tragic Titanic accident happened years ago and those emotions have been dealt with. Now people are having fun on the slide and enjoying themselves.”


  • [Disaster fact 8] In 2009, a smoldering cigarette caused fire to break out aboard USS George Washington. The fire raged on for 11 hours, causing $70 million worth of damage, yet it didn’t disable the ship.


  • [Disaster fact 9] When Krakatoa blew, it was the loudest sound ever heard; the sound went around the Earth three times


  • [Disaster fact 10] In 1990, a man named Iben Browning predicted a massive earthquake would hit New Madrid, Missouri on December 3rd. The prediction sparked a panic. Schools in 5 states closed, and over 200 media outlets sent reporters to the area. Browning had no seismology expertise, and nothing happened.


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