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  • [Countries fact 1] A Dutch city of Utrecht celebrated George Orwell’s 110th birthday by putting party hats on surveillance cameras.


  • [Countries fact 2] 71% of Americans are "fairly certain" that Alexander Hamilton is among their nation's past presidents. This confidence in Hamilton having been president is higher than for six actual presidents.


  • [Countries fact 3] UK’s “God Save the Queen” was the first national anthem and was adopted by other countries such as Russia (until 1833), Germany (until 1918), Iceland (until 1944), Switzerland (until 1961), Liechtenstein and New Zealand. It was played twice before a Liechtenstein-England soccer game in 2003.


  • [Countries fact 4] It's such a stigma to adopt children in South Korea that women are recommended to wear a maternity pillow to appear pregnant until the adoption is finalized.


  • [Countries fact 5] Sweden celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve instead of on Christmas day.


  • [Countries fact 6] Squonk is a mythological creature from Pennsylvania that is so ugly that it cries constantly from loneliness and shame, dissolving in a puddle of its own tears when cornered.


  • [Countries fact 7] Since Costa Rica was not at the Treaty of Versailles, they have been at war with Germany since WWI, and are technically still at war.


  • [Countries fact 8] The Vatican has a single pharmacy. The Vatican claims it is the busiest pharmacy in the world with 2,000 daily visitors. Due to complicated Italian laws, the pharmacy has medicines available years before Italian pharmacies. People often visit this pharmacy to buy them.


  • [Countries fact 9] Some trucks in North Korea are powered by burning charcoal because the price of oil is too high for most citizens.


  • [Countries fact 10] “London Broil” is a North American culinary method of cooking certain cuts of beef, which have no traditional basis in the UK. There’s nothing “London” about a London Broil.


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