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  • [Countries fact 1] Entrapment law in the United States does not require police officers to identify themselves as police in the case of a sting or other undercover work, and police officers may lie in doing such work. The law is instead specifically concerned with enticing people to commit crimes they would not have considered in the normal course of events.


  • [Countries fact 2] In 2014, after North Korea banned Choco pies, South Korea airlifted 10,000 of them across the DMZ with balloons.


  • [Countries fact 3] There are over 40,000 unclaimed bodies in morgues across America. Families often don't show up and claim the bodies because they can't afford a funeral for them. These bodies are then later buried in mass graves.


  • [Countries fact 4] American fast-food companies are banned from Iran, so the country is home to many knock-off fast food joints with similar branding and food, such as “Mash Donalds”, and “Pizza Hot”. Lawsuits from major corporations are rare due to the American/Iranian relationship and Iranian trademark law.


  • [Countries fact 5] There is just one insect species native to Antarctica called Belgica Antarctica.


  • [Countries fact 6] Iran isn't the name of a government entity. It's simply how the Persian people say the name of their country in Farsi (Iran's Official language) "Iran" is Farsi for "Persia" (Greek form) and they simply wanted people to stop using the Greek form.


  • [Countries fact 7] The French have twice attempted to decimalize time, with 10 hour days, 100 minutes in an hour, and 100 seconds in a minute.


  • [Countries fact 8] It's not true that we are running out of lithium. 8 years ago a new source was found in Afghanistan that contained more than half of the world's known lithium supply.


  • [Countries fact 9] The CIA once secretly owned a Swiss company called Crypto AG. It was a communications and information security company that maintained offices all over the world and sold products with secret backdoors for the US government and key allies.


  • [Countries fact 10] Norway owns an uninhabited frozen island (Bouvet Island) located halfway between Africa and Antarctica.


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