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  • [Politics fact 1] Bolivia became landlocked in 1904 after losing the War of the Pacific. However, the country still observes the Day of the Sea, "where politicians give speeches and people listen to the recorded sound of seagulls."


  • [Politics fact 2] Real guns are allowed at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, but water guns are banned.


  • [Politics fact 3] The women of Utah gained the right to vote 50 years before the U.S. itself, in 1870. But since Utah women voted in ways favorable to end polygamy, the U.S. Congress revoked this right in 1887.


  • [Politics fact 4] In the elections for mayor of Rio de Janeiro in 1988, the population was so unhappy with politicians, that a well-known monkey (Macaco Tião) of the local zoo received over 400,000 votes.


  • [Politics fact 5] The Democratic Donkey originated from opponents of Andrew Jackson, who they frequently referred to as a jackass. Jackson rolled with it and used the donkey on his campaign posters and the image has stuck since.


  • [Politics fact 6] Voting is mandatory in Belgium. Citizens are automatically registered in the electoral polls and more than 90% of the eligible population takes part in the voting process since you risk a fine if you do not vote either in person or by proxy.


  • [Politics fact 7] The son of a US Governor is 6,000 times more likely to become a Governor than the average American and the son of a US Senator is 8,500 times more likely to become a senator than the average American.


  • [Politics fact 8] The Shankill Butchers were a Protestant gang from Belfast who murdered at least 23 people for being Catholic. They earned their name for mutilating the bodies of their victims.


  • [Politics fact 9] Women in New Zealand gained the right to vote in 1893, the first independent country to do so in modern times.


  • [Politics fact 10] There's a basketball court above the Supreme Court. It's known as the Highest Court in the Land.


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