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  • [Books fact 1] Charles Dickens’ novels were hugely popular even among the illiterate poor. They would pool their money to hire a reader, and then gather together to listen to the stories.


  • [Books fact 2] German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine once wrote in a play from 1821, "Wherever they burn books, in the end, will also burn human beings." Over a century later, copies of Heine's books were among the many burned in Berlin's Opernplatz.


  • [Books fact 3] The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is a challenge to write the worst opening paragraph to a novel possible. It is named after the author of the 1830 novel Paul Clifford, which began with “It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents.”


  • [Books fact 4] Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries.


  • [Books fact 5] An Alabama school tried to ban 'The Diary of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank in 1983 because, according to the board's records, it was "a real downer."


  • [Books fact 6] The collective nouns we use for animals (gaggle of geese, herd of deer, etc.) mostly come from the ‘Book of St. Albans,’ which was published in 1486. It also included terms for professions such as a melody of harpists, a sentence of judges and a superfluity of nuns.


  • [Books fact 7] The first Sherlock Holmes book "A Study in Scarlet" was the first work of fiction to mention a magnifying glass being used as an investigative tool and is the reason we still connect this item with detectives today.


  • [Books fact 8] A French soldier’s life was saved during World War 1 by a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s “Kim” which he owned. It stopped a bullet fired at him. He befriended Kipling when he learned that he had lost his son in the war, and named his own after his.


  • [Books fact 9] George R. R. Martin still types his novels using a DOS computer with WordStar 4.0 software


  • [Books fact 10] Stephen King used the pseudonym "Richard Bachman" so that he could publish more than one novel a year without over-saturating the "King market". This evolved into a list of novels published under the pseudonym and was only revealed when a bookshop owner noticed a parallel in their writing.


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