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  • [Books fact 1] People who prefer books over TV are more likely to act in a socially acceptable manner. People who prefer watching TV over books come across as less friendly and less understanding of others’ views.


  • [Books fact 2] The "big fat phony" guy from Family Guy is credited as "Holden Caulfield", the protagonist of J.D. Salinger's classic 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, who often accused others of being “phonies”.


  • [Books fact 3] Many public libraries in the US participate in Inter Library Loan (ILL). That means you have access to virtually any book, journal, magazine, or DVD held by any public library in the country.


  • [Books fact 4] Among the many verses in the Quran that mention Christians, it is mentioned twice that they are equals to Muslims and will not grieve on Judgement Day.


  • [Books fact 5] Freddy Krueger was inspired by Wes Craven's experience watching a man in a fedora outside his apartment. "Somehow he sensed that someone was watching, and he looked right up and into my eyes.” Craven retreated, but when he looked out his window again, the man was still there, staring up at him.


  • [Books fact 6] Charles Dickens’ novels were hugely popular even among the illiterate poor. They would pool their money to hire a reader, and then gather together to listen to the stories.


  • [Books fact 7] Libraries in Los Angeles have done away with late fees for anyone under 21 and are instead allowing students to “read away” their fines in the library. This measure has been a success, with hundreds of children coming in per week to do so.


  • [Books fact 8] Ralph McQuarrie’s final Chewbacca design for Star Wars was inspired by a creature on the cover of a story by George R.R. Martin, who would go on to write the book series on which Game of Thrones is based.


  • [Books fact 9] Jules Verne wrote the novel "Paris in the Twentieth Century" back in 1863 and described a world of glass skyscrapers, high-speed trains, gas-powered automobiles, calculators, and a worldwide communications network.


  • [Books fact 10] A book entitled ‘Atlanta Nights’ was written by a group of science fiction authors to be intentionally terrible as a test for the publisher PublishAmerica. It included a chapter containing computer generated random sentences and two word for word identical chapters. The publisher accepted it.


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