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  • [Honor fact 1] The cast and crew of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia had no idea that they had been nominated for a People's Choice Award until after they had won it in 2016.


  • [Honor fact 2] In 1959, Guinness dropped 150,000 special “messages in a bottle” into the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate its 200th birthday, making it one of the longest ad campaigns ever.


  • [Honor fact 3] The world record for highest CPU frequency ever achieved was set in 2011 by a team of engineers at AMD. They overclocked an AMD Bulldozer-based FX-8150 chip to 8.805 GHz using liquid helium.


  • [Honor fact 4] The majority of Darwin Award winners, nearly 90% are male.


  • [Honor fact 5] Ted Lindsay one of the greatest players in NHL history refused to attend his own Hall of Fame ceremony because women weren't allowed to attend. The league changed the rules to allow women the following year.


  • [Honor fact 6] Hitler’s Third Reich awarded a gold, diamond-engraved Cross of the German Mother to women upon the birth of their thirteenth child.


  • [Honor fact 7] Marie Curie is the only person to ever win two Nobel Prizes in differing science fields in chemistry and physics.


  • [Honor fact 8] Most of your navel lint comes from your underwear and the scientist who studied it, Karl Kruszelnicki, was presented with the Ig Nobel Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in 2002 for “performing a comprehensive survey of human belly button fluff.”


  • [Honor fact 9] Arnold Schwarzenegger's love for films propelled his obsession with America and therefore saw competitive bodybuilding as an avenue through which he had to get there. He won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times.


  • [Honor fact 10] Oscar winners must sign an agreement stating that should they wish to sell their statuettes, they must first offer them to the Academy for $1. If they refuse, they cannot keep their trophy.


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