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  • [Transport fact 1] Aircraft inventor Santos-Dumont believed air travel would bring peace to the world so he filed no patents and offered his designs free yet burned all his designs when he was accused of being a German spy during World War I and committed suicide after seeing aircraft used in warfare in the 30's.


  • [Transport fact 2] The city of Houston, Texas has a program where they train citizens to write tickets for handicap parking violations. After taking a course in proper procedure, you are given the authority to ticket anyone you see parked in a handicap spot without a placard.


  • [Transport fact 3] After World War 1, French had the railway cars that Germany surrendered in stored in a museum. During World War 2, when France was preparing to surrender, Hitler ordered the walls of museum torn down and the railway cars returned to the exact spot of the 1918 armistice in order to humiliate the French.


  • [Transport fact 4] In 2000, a NASA plane accidentally flew over Mount Hekla, a.k.a., the Gateway to Hell in Iceland, resulting in the first-ever directly recorded plume measurements of sulfur dioxide and temperature readings taken from an actively erupting volcano.


  • [Transport fact 5] The U.S. Air Force had a doomsday weapon named SLAM. It was a rocket that was designed to fly fast and low over the Soviet Union, dropping hydrogen bombs over predetermined targets while its unshielded nuclear reactor contaminated everything in its path.


  • [Transport fact 6] Roughly 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea every year. Most end up on the ocean floor, while a few end up washing ashore.


  • [Transport fact 7] Trains stay on the tracks because of weight and the angle of the wheels, not the lip or flange on the inside of the wheel.


  • [Transport fact 8] Actor Joel McHale once took an Uber from Rochester, New York to Manhattan. His flight out was canceled and he needed to get to his appearance on Jimmy Fallon, so he spent $700 on a (350 mile, 5-6 hour) Uber ride and paid $200 in tips, as well as paid the driver additional money for his gas back.


  • [Transport fact 9] The Bermuda Triangle isn't really some mysterious area of unknown dangers. In fact, it's one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world. Most of the mysterious "incidents" were found to be spurious, inaccurately reported, or embellished by later authors.


  • [Transport fact 10] A dog named Owney was adopted as the first unofficial postal mascot by the Albany, New York, post office in 1888 as postal railway clerks considered he brought good luck because no train he rode on was ever involved in a wreck.


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