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  • [Law fact 1] Pilots departing from California's John Wayne Airport are required by law to cut their engines and pitch nose down shortly after takeoff for about 6 miles in order to reduce noise in the residential area below.


  • [Law fact 2] The National School Lunch Act was passed in USA in 1946, in part, because of the number of draftees that were rejected during World War 2 due to being malnourished.


  • [Law fact 3] A man named Maxcy Filer took the California State Bar Exam 48 times before he finally passed and transitioned from being his son's law clerk to his son's law partner.


  • [Law fact 4] Ally's Law is legislation passed by several U.S. states that require stores to allow people with certain medical conditions access to employee restrooms. It was named after a 14-year-old girl with Crohn’s Disease who soiled herself in a mall after being denied access to a store restroom.


  • [Law fact 5] Livor mortis (Latin livor, “bluish color,” + mortis “of death”) occurs when heavy red blood cells pool in the lower parts of the body, causing purples splotches. After about 8 hours after death, the purplish patterns will not change, even if the body is moved.


  • [Law fact 6] In Ethiopia, a child is 30 times more likely to die by his or her 5th birthday than a child in Western Europe.


  • [Law fact 7] After death, all the muscles of the body relax. This leads to dilated pupils, eyes that are slightly open, and a slack jaw (it takes muscle activity to close the eyelids and the mouth). For a funeral, a mortuary may place plastic caps under the eyelids to avoid a sunken look and to keep them closed. They will also often wire the jaw shut.


  • [Law fact 8] Chocolate was classified as “candy” under the Revenue Acts of 1918 and 1921, and so it was taxed as such. Hershey’s sued to recover about $8 million in taxes by arguing it was “food”, and so had been wrongly taxed. The Supreme Court ruled it was “candy.”


  • [Law fact 9] If the United States were in the Middle East, it would have the second highest rate of gun deaths, more than Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Israel combined. Only Iraq has a higher level of non-conflict-related gun deaths.


  • [Law fact 10] In 1990, Dr. Mary-Claire King discovered the human gene BRCA1 which is linked to breast cancer. Soon after, Myriad Genetics cloned and patented it. She was sent a cease-and-desist letter to stop researching it. Finally, in 2013, US Supreme Court ruled that human genes cannot be patented.


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