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  • [Birds fact 1] Andean miners have traditionally killed flamingos for their fat because they believed the fat was a cure for tuberculosis.

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  • [Birds fact 2] The Fieldfare birds have a special way to attack an enemy bird. They gang up on it and make it fly to the ground. Then the Fieldfares fly into the air and drop poop on the bird.

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  • [Birds fact 3] The smallest flightless bird is the Island Rail. This tiny bird lives on the remote island of Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean and is just 5" long, about the same size as a hen chick.

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  • [Birds fact 4] The Aztecs and Mayans feared and hated the owl and believed the wide-eyed birds were symbols of death and destruction.

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  • [Birds fact 5] Unlike most birds that sing, a woodpecker will drum its beak against a tree. Other woodpeckers can identify which bird it is by the sound of the drumming.

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  • [Birds fact 6] ‘All Alone’ was a war pigeon in World War 2 who parachuted with a spy into France, before being dispatched back with important information. She then flew more than 400 miles across the English Channel back to England in less than 24 hours. After the war, All Alone was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry.


  • [Birds fact 7] Not all owls hoot, and those that do also make other noises, such as chirps, whistles, screeches, barks, growls, and shrieks. The "hoo hooo" sound usually associated with owls is a great-horned owl call.

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  • [Birds fact 8] Flamingos can travel 311–373 miles (500–600 km) in a single flight.

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  • [Birds fact 9] The Ainu people of northeastern Japan have revered the Blakiston's fish owl as "the Emperor of the Night" or the "God that Protects the Village."

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  • [Birds fact 10] In a narrow island in the Tarn River in France, giant 50-pound European catfishes beach themselves in order to capture and eat pigeons.


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