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  • [Fiction fact 1] Alcatraz's prison guards created the myths about man-eating sharks and the deadly waters of San Francisco to discourage prisoners from escaping. There is only one recorded shark fatality in San Francisco which took place back in 1959.


  • [Fiction fact 2] “Blood purity” wasn’t the only gene that Voldemort’s maternal family wanted to keep in the family. As descendants of Salazar Slytherin, they are fluent in Parseltongue—if it meant marrying a cousin or two to keep the ability in the family.


  • [Fiction fact 3] Like any good magic castle, Hogwarts is highly haunted. Each house has its own ghost, with different features and personalities. Slytherin has the Bloody Baron (who is covered in silver bloodstains), Hufflepuff has the Fat Friar, Ravenclaw the Grey Lady, and Gryffindor Nearly Headless Nick. The most useful of Hogwarts’ ghosts is Professor Binns, the school’s History of Magic teacher. One day, he simply fell asleep in front of the fire in the teacher’s quarters, then got up to teach his class the next day, leaving his body behind. He may or may not realize that he’s dead, and enters his lessons through the blackboard.


  • [Fiction fact 4] In Norse mythology, the Goddess Freya drove a chariot pulled by two cats.


  • [Fiction fact 5] The concept of fairy dust was only added in the later iterations of Peter Pan after several reports came forward of kids hurting themselves attempting to fly from their beds.


  • [Fiction fact 6] In Welsh folklore, woodland fairies rode on the backs of corgis. A corgi's markings were said to come from the harnesses and saddles that were used to mount them.


  • [Fiction fact 7] According to Japanese urban legends, Aka Manto is an evil spirit that appears in public restrooms and asks people to choose between red or blue toilet paper after which it kills you depending on your choice, lacerations for red and strangulation for blue.


  • [Fiction fact 8] According to Icelandic folklore, the monstrous Yule Cat will eat you if you don't receive any clothing for Christmas.


  • [Fiction fact 9] Hy-Brasil is a phantom island said to lie in the Atlantic Ocean west of Ireland. Irish myths described it as cloaked in mist except for one day every seven years when it becomes visible. It is listed on several early maps, but still cannot be reached.


  • [Fiction fact 10] George Lucas wanted the final Star Wars trilogy to take place in a micro biotic world. It would be shown that creatures called Whills are actually what use the Force and that Jedi only communicate with Whills via their midi-chlorians. His vision for Star Wars was to teach appreciation for ecosystems.


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