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  • [Time fact 1] The Phantom Time Hypothesis states that 297 years of history (614-911 A.D.) was completely made up and that we actually live in the 1700s.


  • [Time fact 2] Almost 1 of every 4 beds sold in the late '80s was a Waterbed. Then the industry dried up in the '90s.


  • [Time fact 3] A moment was a medieval unit of time. The movement of a shadow on a sundial covered 40 moments in a solar hour, a twelfth of the period between sunrise and sun. Although the length of a moment in modern seconds was therefore not fixed, on average, a moment corresponded to 90 seconds.


  • [Time fact 4] In 1939, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday in November — not the fourth.


  • [Time fact 5] France used to be in the same time zone as Britain but during the German occupation the time zone was changed to Central European Time and it remained unchanged.


  • [Time fact 6] At one of Tokyo's busiest train stations, a rail line was converted from an above-ground line into a subway. There were zero service interruptions. The lowering of the rail line's tracks into its subway position was done in one night, during its normal service off hours lasting ~4 hours.


  • [Time fact 7] The length of a day on Mars has been known (within 3 minutes accuracy) since 1666 but the length of a day on Saturn was a mystery until 2019.


  • [Time fact 8] Antarctica has 24 different time zones. The scientists who reside there go by either the time of their homeland or the supply line that brings them food and equipment.


  • [Time fact 9] One theory on why we live in three dimensions is that when the Big Bang occurred, only 3 of the 9 spatial dimensions expanded infinitely.


  • [Time fact 10] Friday the 13th is the most common day of the week for the 13th to fall on.


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